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Business Advisor & Influence Mentor

Fabio Marques

Trilingual International Business Consultant, Influence Mentor and Inspirational Speaker since 1996, with over 16,000 hours on stage, Fabio Marques has delivered more than 3,500 live presentations, serving hundreds of organizations - small, medium and large (Fortune 500). Certified Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Fabio helps his Clients to multiply their revenues while improving customer loyalty and productivity. Companies like Apple, Audi, Merck, Microsoft, Motorola, Dow, DuPont, Citibank, Cisco, JLL, Oracle, Puratos, Red Bull, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and many others of same caliber, have trusted Fabio to inspire and develop their leaders and teams all over Latin America, United States, UK, Hungary, Japan, Australia, and other locations.


Eduardo Farinelli

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing South East

"Fábio has been without a doubt the most effective Coach I had the opportunity to engage with. His lessons resonated with me for many years helping me achieve several objectives through my career. It is possible that once in a lifetime you are able to encounter and be part of such a life transforming experience. Thank you Fábio for all your teachings as it has definitely created a huge positive difference in my life."

Denise Lana Molina

Global Communications Director for Sustainability

"Fabio is one of that rare people who works for passion and you can read it between the lines of his exceptional job. He gets attention not only for the frame, but how deep he is envolved with the matter and audience. I strongly believe that way he has the results he does, people understand him and see a clear link in their jobs."

André Del Gaudio Chaves

Sustainability Director

"He shows the path. Even better, he allows you to discover it by your own means. Have been three years since I'd completed his course and I'm still learning from that. It completely changed my way to go throughout life and to face its everyday challenges. Happy, mindful, effective and rather spontaneous, Fábio Marques not only deserves the title as he is: the Man."

Candido Barbosa

Forex & Commodity Trader

"Fabio's high degree of knowledge always helps to identify business gaps and opportunities inside the business with his outsider’s vision. At the same time his talent and creativity to work, adding value and showing possibilities to improve or make things better if you are in a leadership position, is his significant contribution!"

Joao Oliveira

Head of Operations & Innovation - COO / President

"Fabio participated in a business seminar directed to Customer Service people from Volvo Cars Brasil dealer network. It was an excellent presentation and motivated even more our network in the daily pursuit of Customer satisfaction. I really like his concept of "Heart Share" instead of just "market share" because this has much more to do with creation of emotional links between the Customer and the brand. His book details in a very interesting way the concept and is an important reading for everyone trying to improve Customer loyalty."

Marsha Freedman

Author, Coach, Small Business Owner

"I have had the pleasure of hearing Fabio present several times. As a presentation skills trainer and coach, I am a very discerning audience member. He passes my "test" with flying colors! Fabio does an amazing job presenting information in a dynamic and visually captivating fashion. He exhibits great passion for helping people and comes across as the kind of person you'd like to have a cup of coffee with. His sales tips have already helped me qualify my buyers and close more sales!"

Dave Bricker

Author, Speaker, Small Business Owner

"He is articulate, he engages the audience. He is very concerned about delivering VALUE. Fabio is different from others business speakers and consultants because he has walked the walk."

Fabio Araujo

Small Business Owner

"I worked with Fabio in many projects and I recommend him to help every company to increase their results. He is an excellent professional."

Flavia Ramos

HR Director

"I used to work with Fabio during my time at Lucent and I really miss this time. He is a great consultant that brings to the company development, energy and motivation. I have learned a lot with him."

Edson Costa

Account Manager, Small Business Owner

"What to speak of my great leader Fabio Marques? The hardest thing here is to describe in few words what Fabio and is represented in my life... It's an amazing speaker and consultant, the person who best understands excellence in service in this country and enjoys sharing all his knowledge... And I'm not ashamed to say: "I want to be like him when I grow up!" I'm proud to be your friend!"




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