John Tschohl

President, Service Quality Institute | Customer Service Guru

"I have worked with Fabio for over 20 years. He is passionate, customer driven and can help your organization reach your sales goals. He is my friend and partner."

Dani Miranda

HR Executive

"The work developed by Fabio Marques and his team is outstanding! It is surprising how Fabio immerses himself in the projects and challenges proposed to him. His dedication and commitment are exceptional! Schneider has a major challenge for transforming our culture, to be totally Customer Focused, being a Complete Solution provider that adds value to the customer. Fabio is acting as an essencial agent of this transformation. His constant enthusiasm and optimism encourage our employees to believe in this change, that we are capable of. His management experience and interpersonal skills help tremendously in this process. Fabio has been conducting Leadership-Coaching workshops to our entire management team, training our Sales Teams on Sales Force Effectiveness and educating our Customer Care organizations on Customer Centric behavioral techniques, delivering outstanding lectures and seminars which already have more than 750 participants, in addition to essential participation in strategic events of our business units. The results are clear: understanding the methodologies, motivation on the part of the participants and total credibility on the part of the Management. We are very pleased with the partnership we have established with Fabio Marques Company. Undoubtedly, Fabio is a transformation agent at Schneider Electric. He makes the difference!”

Ruy Drever

Serial Entrepreneur

"Fabio has the innate ability to engage, motivate and bring out your very best. His empathy & posture alongside his in-depth knowledge and communication skills makes him a great asset to any learning organization!"

Leticia Gammill

Director, Security Sales Programs at Microsoft | Founder & President at WOMCY, Latam Women in Cybersecurity

"I worked with Fabio in multiple occasions...He conducted an excellent public speaking course to my multi-cultural team, which included relevant tips and best practices for both public and virtual audiences. My team had glowing reviews for this ability to connect with audiences from any background and language, in a positive and direct way. In addition, I had a series of 1:1 coaching sessions with Fabio that helped me strategize at my role and face challenges in a more objective way. His guidance and mentorship were very valuable to me and helped me become a better leader."

Hamilton Caio Gouvea


"Fabio Marques is a talented consultant, able to surprise and encourage commercial teams to surpass their performance. Its pragmatic and team-building profile was very useful in different multinationals where we use its services, always delivering results above expectations."

Paula Value Pimenta

LinkedIn Creator | General Manager

“I found the experience to be amazing all the 3 times attending to Fabio Marques’ speeches. It is always a fantastic experience. He has the gift of involving and motivating any audience, of enchanting any child, of blooming something that seems to be sleeping inside each one of us. Having Fabio as a speaker at our company’s events was one of our greatest decisions, that promoted the rebirth of the will to do within each employee.“

Robert Macody Lund

President & CEO

“Our company, like many others, has faced a lot of difficulties since last year. At our end-of-year meeting, we looked for a speaker who would inspire our team to face the challenges ahead and view them as an opportunity for growth. Fabio delivered an outstanding presentation. The team left the room motivated and delighted, with endless words of recognition to Fabio’s work, which was indeed impecable, with top content and the right amount of energy – a first class show, result of years of study and careful preparation! Fabio Marques works with seriousness and passion, with a great sense of humor so that the result of his work is excellent!“

Denise Lana Molina

Global Head of Sustainability

"Fabio is one of that rare people who works for passion and you can read it between the lines of his exceptional job. He gets attention not only for the frame, but how deep he is involved with the matter and audience. I strongly believe that way he has the results he does, people understand him and see a clear link in their jobs."

Vicente Teixeira

HR Senior Executive and Advisor

"I have known Fabio Marques since the beginning of his journey in coaching and consulting. Fabio is differentiated. He is very intelligent, charismatic, and entrepreneurial in nature. He combines business strategy with a people-results-orientation mindset. His relationship and communication skills are sharp. His energy and passion to train and to educate others is contagious. I strongly recommend Fabio to help you to achieve your company goals."

Joyce Martinhão

HR Executive

"I feel comfortable to recommend Fabio as I have been working with him for more than 7 years. He developed many trainings for Schneider Electric when I was HR there, the Sales Academy was a success! As HR Executive for Motorola Solutions I had the opportunity to invite Fabio to do workshops for our Brazilian employees and support me to conduct the Mentoring Program for Latin America in 2019. With high energy, Fabio shows engagement and inspire people in Portuguese, Spanish or English."

Andre Del Gaudio Chaves

Sustainability Director

"He shows the path. Even better, he allows you to discover it by your own means. Have been three years since I'd completed his course and I'm still learning from that. It completely changed my way to go throughout life and to face its everyday challenges. Happy, mindful, effective and rather spontaneous, Fábio Marques not only deserves the title as he is: the Man."

Eloisa Espinosa

Former Executive | Expert Entrepreneur

"I know Fabio since a long time ago, maybe 2010! The very first contact with him was in one of his famous unforgettable - motivational speeches. After that, I have hired his services for different trainings programs, for myself and for my teams in Brazil & Latin America. It has always been a great pleasure to learn from Fabio. All outstanding trainings with a lot of practical sessions, role plays and real experiences. Today I have selected him again, as my mentor in my new journey as entrepreneur. I do really recommend him as teacher, trainer, coach, mentor, keynote speaker, someone who inspires you to be better each day."

Keith Harmeyer

Expert Entrepreneur | Speaker

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Fabio over the past several years. He is one of those rare business professionals who are able to combine valuable and unique expertise, superb communication skills, and true personal charisma. His presentations are inspiring, filled with golden information, and downright fun. Whether as a speaker, consultant, trainer, or coach, I give Fabio Marques my highest recommendation."

Julietta Wenzel

Small Business Owner

"Fabio Marques is a high energy, passionate presenter. He is generous with his information. I highly recommend him as a speaker or consultant."

Errol Chung

Expert Entrepreneur

"Absolutely phenomenal speaker, message, method, and personality. I have 25 years in sales and that 30 minute presentation was more impactful than any virtual/live presentation I have seen in a very long time. Definitely looking forward to learning more with Fabio."

Marilyn Quan

Product Manager | Writer | Coach

"Fabio is a great human and professional. Fabio puts emphasis is to create a positive and reflective environment. Fabio has the ability to connect at a deep level with people to help them identify their strengths and areas for improvement to create a better version of each person with whom he interacts. He is a convincing person, with a magnetic and enthusiastic personality who inspires with his life story and with his many learnings. I recommend Fabio for any coaching, mentoring, talks and workshops for personal development work."

Candido Barbosa

HR and Administration Director

"Fabio's high degree of knowledge always helps to identify gaps and opportunities inside our business with his outsider's perspective. At the same time, his talent and creativity add value by showing possibilities to improve rapidly."

Flavia Aliberti

Event Management | Child Advocate | Fundraiser

"I had the pleasure to hear Fabio speak on two occasions. Fabio is a great motivational speaker with an approachable coaching style. His HANDY success is a helpful tool in establishing what personal and career success really means and breaking down the steps to achieve it. I highly recommend Fabio as a coach, mentor, and speaker."

Dave Bricker

CEO, Remarkable Stories, Inc.

"I've known Fabio Marques for many years and have had the opportunity to attend several of his engaging talks. His methods and models are profound, easy-to-understand, and valuable to anyone who wants to enhance their business communication skills. He's also a master of the stage who knows how to connect with your audience. Friendly, humble, encouraging, and authentic; he thrives on being of service to others. If you want to grow your business and inspire your team, invest in one of Fabio's programs."

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