• Increase the volume of your sales

  • Increase your profit margins

  • Command faster sales cycles

  • Deal with every objection effectively

  • Accelerate your growth

Keynote or Workshop

This immersive program sets a new standard of Excellence for salespeople, helping them to become much more connected to their clients' true interests and needs, showing how to ethically influence and persuade, and how to add real value to every conversation (face to face or virtual), increasing sales and profits while improving the experience for everyone.

Key Learning Points:

How to ask effective questions and use powerful communication to ethically influence others towards your ideas, products and services.

How to uncover secret information about your clients, how they think, how they behave and how they make decisions.

How to add real value to your Clients so they will desire to be your Clients For Life, bringing more business to you spontaneously.

The Expert

Business Advisor & Influence Mentor

Fabio Marques

Author of FABULOUS MANAGEMENT SIMPLIFIED and many other books and programs on Leadership, Team Building, Motivation, Customer Centric Culture, Sales and Service Excellence, Fabio Marques is a Trilingual International Business Consultant, Influence Mentor and Inspirational Speaker with over 16,000 hours on stage, serving hundreds of organizations - small, medium and large (Fortune 500). Certified Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Fabio helps his Clients to multiply their revenues while improving customer loyalty and productivity. Companies like Apple, Audi, Merck, Microsoft, Motorola, Dow, DuPont, Citibank, Cisco, JLL, Oracle, Puratos, Red Bull, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and many others of same caliber, have trusted Fabio to inspire and develop their leaders and teams all over Latin America, United States, UK, Hungary, Japan, Australia, and other locations.


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